The beginning of OS Optician

After many evaluations, work and projects, the brand creates a new line called OS OPTICIAN. It is a line born in collaboration with Italian laboratories of the highest experience and professionalism. Thanks to their support we have been able to create a new online platform, where users can select their favourite frame, enter prescription and customize the lenses in minutes.

2020: Pandemic and Rebirth

The year 2020 brought the most difficult pandemic that the population has faced in recent centuries. Our company has not been exempt from this difficult period made of delays of the suppliers, closed factories and lack of staff. But despite everything, our community has always supported and encouraged us. Initially, we had organized a campaign for the new collection scheduled for the 3rd of March, but later we moved the event to late May because of everything that was happening in the world. During this period, our team decided to focus more on the diversification of collections, launching two new categories: Premium Line and Exclusive Line.
br>The new campaign, called OS SUNGLASSES - THE REBIRTH, reflected the idea of a restart, of rebirth, on the same step of society that was trying to recover from the shock of what was a global pandemic. With a wide variety of frames, lenses and designs, the intent was to make our users understand that OS SUNGLASSES would meet the demands of everyone, regardless of their personal needs and demands. It was no longer just a matter of increasing the number of models in the collection, but of offering a range of products able to adapt to the needs of everybody.

This was our way of giving our contribution, in the hope of giving energy and encouragement to all those who sought their best rebirth.

2017: The Origins

is an Italian start-up created in 2017 by two young entrepreneurs. The very first collection was launched on social media platforms, where it immediately became very popular thanks to its innovative design.

The first campaign, called OS SUNGLASSES - ON THE ROAD, was made up of only 3 models, each one available in two colours. The shots were taken along the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula, were our brand is still having great success.

OS SUNGLASSES - ON THE ROAD represents the company's love for design and creativity, with an innovative approach to the new trends. This was only the beginning of OS SUNGLASSSES successful story, but it was also a crucial moment for their growth as a company that looks at the future.